Wondering What Panic Disorder Symptoms Are?

Panic Disorder Symptoms, What Are They?


Panic Disorder Symptoms
Panic Disorder Symptoms

Good question, panic disorder symptoms varies from one type of disorder to another.  This is something I also have been interested in. I have spent a fair bit of time researching panic and anxiety disorder symptoms on my own. For example did you know 60 million people suffer from panic attacks at some point in their lives? I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one.  This is what I have observed and learnt over the last 20 plus years.

My mother–in-law was a rather odd lady to say the least. Knowing what I now know, I believe she was exhibiting a lot of panic disorder symptoms, but nobody understood what she was going through. When I first met her, my father–in-law did all the shopping. I never saw her go into a store for groceries or other needs. She very seldom went anywhere, and if she did, there was always a story about the episode. She was happy within the four walls of her home. Over the years, she started to show more signs of panic disorder symptoms. One day we received a telephone call that she had been rushed to the hospital with the shocking news of a heart attack at the age of 45. Her heart was racing; she had chest pains, shortness of breath and felt like she was smothering. After a few days in the hospital, they released her, as they found no physical reasons for her condition.  At one point in time, she would try and go shopping with her sister-in-law. These trips always ended the same way, with her embarrassing her sister-in-law one way or another. Either she was holding on to the walls of the mall like she was rock climbing, afraid she was going to fall or holding her chest unable to breathe. I am sure we have all gone to the mall and been over whelmed by the crowds; but for her it was very different, she could not take the anxiety of going to the mall; she had to escape this situation. The look of shear panic in her eyes was unforgettable. 


Panic Disorder Symptoms

Here are some of the panic attack symptoms I have found listed. They say you may have as few as four or more. As well we should all remember that each one could be caused by something else and this should not be over looked.

-Palpitations, or accelerated heart rate


-Trembling or shaking

-Muscle tension

-Sensation of shortness of breath or smothering

-Feeling of choking

-Chest pain or discomfort

-Nausea or abdominal distress

-Feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded

-De-realization or depersonalization

-Fear of loosing control or going insane


-Chills or hot flashes

-Weakens in the knees


-Tunnel vision

-Blank mind

-Sensing time going by very slowly

-Feeling the need to escape

The best thing you can do is getting the proper information and get on the road to recovery. Stress and anxiety are serious,  but you can deal with it.

If you have questions about yourself or a loved one, please learn more about panic disorder symptoms.