10 Easy Tips To Attacking Anxiety Symptoms

Attacking Anxiety


There are simple and effective tips to attacking anxiety without medication.  We do not have to fear anxiety attacks because they can offer no real harm or threat to us no matter how humble or terrible they may feel.  They are all in the mind.  We must always remember that we are still in control over our mind.  Presence of mind is also crucial in attacking anxiety.  We  also must remember that even though it can make us feel really bad, it too will pass.


Attacking Anxiety Made Simple

Here are some simple tips you can do to attack anxiety:

  1. Anxiety attack is all about fear.  The first thing we should do, is identify those fears.  This is the most important step we should do first, before we can actually deal with the problem itself.

  2. Once these thoughts are identified, it’s time for you to face your fears.  Analyze what causes these fears so that you can come up with an alternative explanation not to fear them.  Gradually expose yourself to these stimuli until you  learn to deal with it and for them to become mundane in the end.
  3. Stop thinking of thoughts that can and will trigger an anxiety attack.  Think of something nice and warm,  if you have the urge of going back to your past experience that can trigger a panic attack.
  4. Attacking Anxiety
    Attacking Anxiety

    As I mentioned, anxiety attack is all about fear.  During a bout, monitor your thoughts and try to remember those thoughts after the spell  has subsided.  Then, once you feel better, analyze the whole situation and identify the stimuli of the attack.  It could either be a situation of a particular and specific item or a mere thought.

  5. Once your mind goes into panic mode, it sends out signals to the whole body to respond or to react.  The body then goes into the fight or fight mode, which in turns causes the uncontrollable sensation we feel during a anxiety attack.  Pay close attention to these changes as well.
  6. The common reaction of the body when it is under a panic attack is,  increase in heartbeat, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, clammy hands, muscle tensions and trembling.  Do not worry, these are only natural and may go away sometime soon.
  7. Tell yourself to remain calm and maintain presence of mind at all times.

  8. Sit down and look up, scan the ceiling.  Do not look down.
  9. Take deep breaths through your nose and release the air through your lips as if you are blowing a candle.   This is very relaxing and well known to release facial tensions.  Don’t forget aromatherapy can help!
  10. Wait a few minutes and see if you are actually feeling well and that the panic attack has finally subsided,  before you resume any activities.

Attacking Anxiety Final Though

As a whole, panic attacks are triggered by fears.  We must always remember that it is all in the mind. Even how bad they may make us feel, it cannot cause any real harm or danger.  Use reasoning techniques to overcome your fear.  Argue and convince yourself not to dwell on negative thought that can trigger a panic attack.

Follow the above tips to help attacking anxiety.   Remember that even how unpleasant it is,  it too shall pass.  It is all in the mind.