Anxiety Treatment Center At Home? Why Not, And Here Is How…


Anxiety treatment center
Anxiety treatment center

The Right Anxiety Treatment Center:

Having your very own anxiety treatment center is possible.  The only concern doctors have, is mistaking other possible illness or diseases as panic attack.  Fatal disease like heart attack are commonly mistaken for anxiety attack. Often times when doctors at the hospital emergency room or clinics, also have a hard time having the correct diagnosis in order to give the best possible interventions.

An Anxiety Treatment Center

People with panic disorders can do a lot of things to help themselves during these attacks.  First and foremost is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Having the right food and getting enough rest and sleep can reduce anxiety attacks from happening.  If you are going to have your own little anxiety treatment center, you need to follow a few rules…

Avoid smoking or exposure to nicotine as much as you can.   Nicotine is a known stimulant that can trigger panic attack.  Some people say that smoking has a calming effect.  This is only temporary relief.  You find out that once the effect of nicotine wears off,  you will only feel worse.  Addiction can develop as well because you will have the tendency to want more after each panic attack.  Other substances that are known to trigger and worsen panic attacks are alcohol and illegal drugs.

Caffeine in beverages such as sodas, coffee and certain tea variants are also known to increase the chances of having a panic attack.  If you have been diagnosed to have this condition, it is important to avoid these kind of beverages.

Engaging in aerobic exercises and stress management like deep breathing and yoga are also very effective in the prevention of anxiety attacks.  One of the most common physical manifestation of such attack  is difficulty in breathing.  Those exercises will help you during those bouts.

If you have been diagnosed to have anxiety attacks and with no other preexisting conditions, the following tips can be very helpful to assist recovery. It can also alleviate discomforts brought about by an attack.  Just take a few minutes and copy the following 5 tips and place in a prominent place in your anxiety treatment center.

  1. Relax your shoulders and any other tension points in your body.  It would be best for you to sit down or lie in bed for awhile.
  2. Slow your breathing down.  Place your hands on your stomach to feel the rapidity of your breathing.  Blow every breath through pursed lips just like blowing a candle.  Doing this will allow you to further overcome symptoms of anxiety attacks.
  3. Reassure yourself that you are not going crazy or mental.  Tell yourself that this is only temporary and these symptoms will soon pass.
  4. Slowly tense and relax the large muscle groups in your body one by one.  This will prevent cramps from happening, which is also another common manifestation of a panic attack.
  5. Remain calm and always maintain presence of mind.

In general, anxiety attacks last for only a short period of time. Usually it will last no more than an hour.  People often feel better fairly quickly.  Providing that they know how to manage each and every spell properly.  Some of you may even be surprised to know that doctors do not give prescription medication to those who are diagnosed with anxiety attacks.  Simple lifestyle modification, exercise and relaxation activities are enough to help a person out in the prevention and during an attacks.  Further tests are required by the doctors to rule out other possible conditions before they can come up with panic attack disorder treatment.  It would be best to have a professional opinion so that you and your doctor can come up with the appropriate treatment to overcome panic attacks.  And this from your very own anxiety treatment center right at home.