Herbal Panic Attacks Treatment: Aromatherapy

Panic Attacks Treatment:  The Herbal Way



Panic Attacks Treatment
Panic Attacks Treatment

Aromatherapy as panic attacks treatment is the best option to try out, as an alternative quick fix, in relieving symptoms of anxiety attacks.  They are all natural and offer no side effects or irritation.  Aroma therapy use essential oils from plants extracted from fruits, flowers, leaves or seeds.  They have soothing effects. They also have the ability to calm the senses.  You can also set your mood by using appropriate oil.

Pair aromatherapy with scented candles proper music and lighting and you  are off to a very relaxing time.  One caution comes with choosing the correct essential oils to use. You need to combine it with another essential oil that has the same effect.  Conflicting aromas can have undesirable effect and can mess up your mood.  You also need to consider the amount you will be using in your concoction.  Some oils if used in huge amounts, can have a reverse effect and can trigger anxiety attacks.  Use aromatherapy oils if you want to relax and  meditate.  You will find that these oils can actually set your mind right if used properly.

Panic Attacks Treatment: The 7 Herbs


  • Lavender
Lavender oil is very relaxing and non-irritating.  It is also has calming effect, soothing to the nerves.  It helps people who has insomnia brought about by anxiety.  Lavender oil also has a very pleasant after shower scent that leaves the room smelling fresh and clean.   It creates a clean and fresh ambiance that is conductive for sleeping and relaxing; the perfect panic attacks treatment.
  • Juniper

The general properties of  juniper includes: uplifting, warming, sedative and balancing.  The fresh clean scent of juniper also helps you fall asleep fast.  Use juniper oil in small amounts if you wish to relax and unwind.  Too much of  it prove to be stimulating.

  • Sandalwood

Sandalwood enhances relaxation, meditation and sleep.  It has been used as medicine and in perfume even in ancient time.  Its scent is uplifting, soothing to the spirit and is long lasting.

  • Yang-Yang

Used in small amount together with other essential oils, yang-yang is very relaxing and pleasing to the senses.  It has a soothing and calming effect that facilitate sleep for the tired and wary individual.  High concentration of this oil in your aroma therapy concoction can cause headache and dizziness.

  • Burgamot

Burgamot leaves are good in tea.  It is uplifting,  invigorating and soothing. It has a cooling effect to the senses.  Bergamot is also the best choice to deodorizing your room because of its fresh clean scent.  Use with caution because it can irritate the skin and cause pigmentation on clothes and furniture.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile has been proven to show good results in the combating of various illnesses and diseases.  It can effectively help combat stress and depression by relaxing the muscles in the brain.  As well, it can be used to defeat insomnia by relaxing the muscles and acting as a mild sedative.  The muscle relaxing attributes also help to combat many other problem, including menstrual cramps.  The essential oils that chamomile contains also help to heal skin irritations such as bites, stings and even burns. It can help in the fight against acne.

  • Lemon balm

Psychologically, lemon balm is used to lift people’s spirits. Especially those who are undergoing menopause and are depressed, as it will calm anxieties, clear their minds and center their focus. It also supposedly improves memory storage recall.

As panic attacks treatment, herbal remedies are most likely the best bang for your dollar, right after Panic Away.